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Koonce. Introofme

Hello Scientists!!!!My name is Ms.Koonce and I will be your physics teacher this year. I was born and raised in Silver Spring Maryland and from the very start of my life I've loved school and sports. In my mother's womb my twin and I competed for room as we both shared the same space for nine whole months!!I really enjoy playing sports, hanging with my mentees, being a soccer mom and teaching!!!I value friendship and family a great deal and look forward to seeing all you guys reach your greatest potential!!!


I have a beautiful son who's the joy of my life !!! His name is Carter Jackson.You will meet him soon!!!!

I graduated from Holton-Arms HS an excited Senior in 2006!!I recieved a full atheletic scholarship in Baskteball and lived my dream those four years in college winning the MEAC championship my freshmen year!!In 2010 I gradated Magnum Cumlade from Delaware State University majoring in Biology with a minor in chemistry


Today I'm living my dreams being an educator!! In the near future I wish to become a principle of a High School in an Urban Setting. Thats right you never to old to set more goals!! Never stop dreaming!!

Me at 17!!! HS Gradation

College Graduation 2010!!!I'm looking forward to an awesome year!!!skoonce@seeforever.org

Ms. Samantha Koonce

My Twin & I!!

I'm A Twin!!




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