Konrad Lorenz and Ivan Parlor

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Konrad Lorenz and Ivan Parlor

Knoraid Lorenv and Ivan Parlov

Basic information- Ivan Parlov



Ivan's Hypothesis

Basic information- Konraid Lorenv

Ivan's Expirements and results

- Born on September 26th, 1849 and died February 27th, 1936 - He was born in Ryazan, Russia and died in Saint Petersbug, Russia - He was married to Seraphima Vasilievna Karchevskaya. - He wrote the book: "Condition reflexes and Psychaitry- Lectures on Conditioned Reflexes

- Worked With geese for his expirement - Discoverd that they associate the first moving thing they see as a parent - This Innate behavior is called imprinting - This was then later used on condors- they are hatch near a fake condor that takes care of them until they are old enough to be released - This is used on other captive animals. - This is helpful because it lets the bird know what they should become attached to

- Born on November 7th, 1903 -Died on February 27th, 1889- Won the Nobel Prize for Physiology and medicine (Also Ivan won the Nobel Prize for the same field of study - Took care of 3 geeese that saw him right when they hatched - Led him to want to find out why they became attached to him

Konraid's expirement and results

-Parlov was studying digestion and the salivary - He then started notice that the dog's salivary glands started to produce more saliva when food was nearby. - then started to adopt more dogs for his expirements, - Realized that he could train the dogs to salivate when a signal was given - This was a new way of studying animals because before, people had to kill the dog.

- Used a bell as a stimulus meaning "food" - For weeks, he trained the the dogs to react to the bell -His own dog was the first to salivate when the bell was rung- This later led to the theory of Forceful Conditioning




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