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Febuary 23, 1836 I am starting my travel to the Alamo and I am starting at Texas. I am traviling buy wagon and feet and the wagon is pulled buy two oxen. The provisions I brought are a blanket, a pen, paper to write my letters, and exstra cloths along the way just in case it got cold. What I saw along the way are an owl, a geco, a snake, and many more things. The physical condition are that it rained a few times and I had to go talk to people for direction. The stories told are about this one man that was with me and he told stories about what it will be like when we get to Alamo. The things we did for entertainment is that we did is sing and play instraments like pounding on the wood. The foods we ate where meat and beans but we had alot of that food to eat. The way I prepared the food are we put all the bread in a sack type of deal and the meat in a wood bine. I had to do almost all of the other things buy myself because i was the leader of the wagon. The way I dressed is I had a big coat on and a couple pair of pants along with me incase it got cold. When I started the trip was Febuary 23, 1836. The place I began my journey is in Texas. The place I stoped the journey is at the Alamo. The indians where not involved in my trip. The animals that where there are an owl, a geco, and a snake but the snake was afraid of me. There was not anything stolen and there wasent enything left behind. We crossed one river and we didnt cross any mountains.March 6, 1836 I had a boring trip but it was fun some of the time. The oxen are now tired from all of that walking and I gave them some water to cool off with. I am now in Alamo.


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