komodo dragons

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komodo dragons

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Komodo Dragons


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Do you think dragons are real? If no then you are wrong. There is one dragon called the Komodo Dragon. It can be up to 10 feet long. Their bite is deadly but not poisonous. They have lots of bacteria.They pounce on their prey and then they take one bite. If the prey escapes it doesn't go far before the bacteria starts to act up. When the bacteria starts to act up the dragon uses its fork like tongue to track its prey.

Komodo dragons eat anything they can find and occasionally humans. They have a deadly bite. If they bite an animal it will kill it. It is also very fast so it can catch up with its prey.

Komodo dragons have dark scaly skin. Their skin is black and brown or dark gray. They have a tail longer then their body. It also has a big mouth and strong jaws. They have sprawlingg legs with four broad legs and sharp claws.

Komodo dragons live on a island called Komodo. That is where they got their name from. They also live on a few other islands that is why they are good swimmers.

Komodo dragons have a poisinous bite. Their strong legs make them fast. They are also good swimmers so they can swim from island to island.

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