Komodo Dragon

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Komodo Dragon

They have a large mouth and strong jaw and big round eyes, the legs have five fingers wth sharp claws, their skin is dark and flaky: of the colours black, brown ord dark grey and the tail is longger than his body.They are 2 to 3 meters long and weighs about 70 kilos.

They are the largest lizards in the world. They don't needto catch their prey to kill her, because their saliva is venomous and time to bite is weakened and it can smell it from a long distance to eat it.


Komodo dragon

Where are they live?

What they eat?


Why they are dangerous?

Fun fackt


They are dangerous becouse their claws and teeth are very sharp, trey use their tail as a whip becouse it is very strong and long. Besides his saliva has 57 toxins and infects the blood of the dam.

They eat carrion, they also hunt and ambush their prey if they are hungry. They eat mammals, birds an invertebrates

Is a small Indonesian island located in the smaller island of Sunda.It is famous for having the Komodo dragons.

They live in Komodo island


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