Komodo Dragon

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Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon

DESCRIPTION:*They can weigh up to 300 punds*Can run up to 25 mph*Can be up to 15 feet in lenght *The young have a green band that wraps around their body and yellow spots.*As adults, they are a dull grey and have leathery skin, with ocassional red spots. They have:*Large body*Short legs*Large talons*Long tails used for crushing their opponents.

Scientific Name:Varanus komodoensis

Diet:Ranges from mice and mamals to small buffalo, deer, other komodo dragons, pigs, goats, horses, and even people

Mating:The male must prove himself worthy to the female by rubbing his neck on her, and nuding her with his nose. The female will lay up to 30 eggs. Their eggs are not hard like a chicken, but balloon like filled with water. Once the eggs are layed, it'll take 8-9 months for the eggs to fully mature.When they hatch, they go towards the trees and stay there for a year to survive. At age 5, they go live on their own.

Behavior:*Very territorial*They communicate by hissing and body movement

Komodo Island

Cool Facts:*They can live up to 30 years.*When they hunt, they bite their prey and will wait for it to die. Then, because of their excellent scent, other Komodo Dragons will come and feist. *They have a 3rd eye on top of their head. Its used as a simple eye- it picks up light. It also tells them the season, time of day, and when mating season is. *Because they need warm tempuratures, at night they will burrow in the ground so their heat does not escape

Habitat:*Found on Komodo Island and and 3 other islands in Indonesia.*Hot and Dry climates*Lower forest and savannah*Near the beach

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