Komodo Dragon

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Komodo Dragon

Komdo DragonsCarnivoreKomodo Dragons are large lizards. They live up to 30 years and can grow up to 10 feet long. When female Komodos lay eggs there have been studies that prove that they can lay eggs after no corralation with a male dragon. there are usual about 20 eggs in a clutch. They have leather like skin that is very rough and covered in scales. They have seraded teeth that rip open the skin of their prey which includes from rabbits and foxes to water bufalo. If the unusual event that their prey gets away after being bit, they only last about 24 hours before they fall to the poisonous bacteria in the Komodo's saliva.

Sun Bathing

Another reason is that their habitat is being chopped down for lumber.

1). The Komodo Dragon Lives on the island of Komodo.2). Komodo Island is a tropical forest with some grassly areas.3). Contrary to popular belief, the Komodo Dragon does not hibernate.

Biome Facts

Endangered Species

Komodo Dragon

Varanus komodoensis

Get Cold-blooded

One of the reasons that Koodo Dragons are going extinct is that they are prey for pochers that want their Skin for things like shoes or purses.

One way that you can help the Komodo Dragons is to encourage people such as parents to not buy anything that might be made of real scales of a lizard.



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