komodo dragon

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komodo dragon

komodo dragon

1) A interseting fact is that no one discoverd the komodo dragon till about 100 years ago. 2)Another fact is that it is big enough to attack a water buffulo.3)Lastly komodo dragons are very fast and can climb trees and swim well.

Interesting facts

Komodo Dragons Diet- The komodo dragon eats deer, wildboar, snakes, goats, monkeys,sheep, cattle, and water buffalo. Komodo Features-Komodo can grow up to 10 ft. long and can be up to 300 pounds, but females grow to 8 ft. and weight about 150 pounds.- Komodo dragons have about 60 teeth and they fall out and come back alot.

komodo habitat

komodo habitatThe komodo lived in the harsh climates of some of the Indonesain islands. They lived aon lesser sunda islandfor a million yaers.

komodo adaptations-Thier short legs are for running fast to catch prey.-Also they have a bactaria that can kill small animals and make large animals very sick.

Komodo dragons enemies Thier only enemie is each other because they are at the top of thier food chian. They protect thier self by biting enemie with strong jaws. Another thing they do is puff thier chest,wave thier tail and hiss.

Fun Fact1992 the Komodo dragonwas first hatched out side of indoenesia islands.The zoo's they can be seen at the outdoor enclosurebehind the Reptile Discovery Center.


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