Komodo Dragon

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Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon

AnatomyIt has a long, flat head with a rounded snout,scary skin,bowed leg and a huge muscular tail. It has 4 short legs and 4 eyes.The averange weigh is 90 Kg. It's 25 metre long.It has forked tounge which flick in and out.

DietKomodo Dragon hunt inverterbrates, birds and mammals.The diet of Komodo Dragons mainly consists of deer, though they also eat considerable amounts of carrion.Komodo also attack humans in the area of West Manggarai Regency where they live in Indonesia.

HabitatIt's habitat is in the Indonesian. It lives in the Islands.Volcanic is threatening the Komodo Dragon habitat. The islands contain many steep slopes and have a very dry and arid climate.Komodo Dragon habitats contain bushes, small trees and grassland where it can hide.

AdaptationsIt have tounge like snake, fork at the end and very sensitive to taste and scent. It legs are powerful and it can run up to 20 kph. per hour for short distances.ers.Its large mouth, strong jaws, and big stomach to consume food equal up to 80% of its body

Survival StatusThe Komodo Dragon is an endangered, and it is though that there are less than 3,000 left in the wild.The destruction of their habitat is the main cause of their reduced numbers.


Something specialIt is the largest thing and most powerful lizard. It is good at climbing trees and can run quite fast.It can see objects as far away 300 m.It's Saliva contain over so kinds of bacteria and within 24 hours the striken creature usually die of blood poisoning.

EnemiesIt's enemies is only human. Young Komodo Dragon try to avoid adult birds and other Komodo Dragns. The biggest threat to Komodo Dragon is other komodo Dragon.

Life CycleKomodo Dragons live alone, and only look for each other for breeding. The female dragons lays 15 - 30 eggs in a hole. After they hatch, the young dragon climb into trees and live there for 4 - 5 years. When they are 1 m. long, they live on the ground.


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