Kolner dom

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Kolner dom

Kölner dom is the cathedral of Köln (Germany). It was started in 1248, but it was finished in 1880. It is considered a very important cathedral in the world because it has a lot of artistics ages. It was begun in the Gothic age, ant it was finished in 1880, so there are a lot of artistic things on it.

Kölner dom

This is kölner dom

This is the interior of the Cathedral!

This is what the local food looks like.

These are the tombs of the Three Wish Men!

Map of germany

This is the local map!

Kölner domun is the biggest gothic cathedral in Europe. Inside it there´s a legend that says that Three wish men are in.

Kölner Domun has two towers, and a very big central part. The tombs of Three Wish Men are in the second tower.

Don´t think Köln isn´t beautiful. It is very beautiful!


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