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Kofun period Glog

Kofun Period250-600 A.D.

Religion: At the time of the Kofun Period, the main religion was Buddhism. Buddhism was introduced from Korea. It was introduced in 522. Most religion advancements were not until the late Kofun Period. Buddhism became the official language in 594. A little less than 100 years later, it became the mandatory language.

Art: During the Kofun period, little clay figures were made. The name of the clay figures is Haniwa. They were mini sculpture that surrounded the mounded tombs in the burrial sites. The first few Haniwa made were just barrel-shaped cylinders. Later in the Kofun Period, the barrel shape started to develop into sculptura forms.


How to pronounce "Kofun."

Government: An official government didn't completely develp until the beginning of the Kofun Period. The center of power developed in the Kinai Plain. During this period, a high aristocratic society developed. They also got militaristic rules. Not only did the government develop in the Kinia Plain, it developed in the eastermost part of the Inland Sea.

Social Class: Strong military states were established in the Kofun Period. Social and occupational groups were organized when Japan started to send delegations to Imperial China in the 5th century. A chinese writing system was finally adopted in 405 A.D. It was adopted by the Japanese court. With Buddhism being introduced, the two events revolutionized Japanese culture.

Agriculture: The people during the Kofun Period made a living by cultivating rice. Not only did they grow rice, other crops got planted. They also fished and hunted. Some of the people worked in rice fields with good rain drainage and immigration technology. During this period, the people claimed wasteland and developed wet marshes at farmland.

Brittany Kirste Period 2

Trade: Elements in other Asian countries influenced the Japanese culture. They influenced the culture through trade and migration. Shells from the Ryuku Islands were made in to shell bracelets and shell amulets. They were extremely popular at this time. A brisk trade in these items went on.

Some picture examples from this time period


Architecture: In Japan, houses of the ancient burrial mounds diversified in form and construction technique. Homes and residences grew in size and added timberered walls. Even without technology the people in the Kofun Period were able to build multiple storeys. Raisede floor houses became dwellings as well. Social status could also mean better equipment and better techniques of bulding buildings.

I couldn't fit all my information with the resourses so here is a link to a document with all my resourses:-https://docs.google.com/a/westcta.ccsd.net/document/d/1VGYevoIo4AiGDyh2Sg_6y3Q5Ag8BSp-kV3k-1DSCq8o/edit

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