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Koerner, Caroline2

Electric Lightbulb

The Electric Lightbulb was invented by the famous inventor, Humphry Davy.

Humphry Davy was born December 17th, 1778 in Cornwall. His early life was hard, mostly due to his father's poor investment choices. Working to help his mother pay off the debts left by his father, Davy's education was bad. Davy married a rich Scottish widdow. Sadly, Humphry died in 1829 at the age of fourty-nine.

Electric Lightbulb

Humphry Davy

By: Caroline KoernerPeriod 1

Humphry Davy

The Purpose of the Electric LIghtbulb was that it would make life safer by lighting up houses so people could see.

The Electric Lightbulb's Purpose

The Electric Lightbulb was created in the1800's around 1809. He made it by connecting two wires to a battery. By doing that he produced a light. It is also called the Davy Llight.

Electric Lightbulb

The Electric Lightbulb has impacted the world strongly. Without it, we would have no light. The brilliant inventor, Humphry Davy has impacted our lives in a great way.

How it Affected America




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