Koch, Tyler- Will Ferrell

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Koch, Tyler- Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell Have you ever had an extraordinary fantasy of being an adult sized elf? Well in 2006, in Will Ferrell’s hit movie Elf, he accomplished that (and man was it funny)! Although Elf isn’t Will’s only multi-million dollar movie, he has so many more. Growing up though, Will wasn’t a rambunctious rascal like most kids in those times were, but is now one of the funniest and most well-known actors in the Hollywood business or the complete opposite of what he was. This is where his fame story begins. Will Ferrell started his interest in acting and performing while attending University High School in Irvine, California. He made it to the school’s daily morning announcements and spoke in a disguised voice. The students there adorned it! In the 1970’s he also became the highest paid cast member on Saturday Night Live with a salary of $350,000(!) because producers were so desperate to keep him on the show. His father, Lee Ferrell, was a famous saxophone and keyboard player for The Righteous Brothers. Will has starred in countless movies over the years, but he has a very interesting life outside of acting too. He and his wife, Viveca Paulin, do many sporting events together. In 2001 they ran the New York City marathon and finished together with a time just over five hours. One annual tradition they have is going to Sweden every summer with their three kids to celebrate mid-summer, a Swedish tradition. Ever since his career began, Will Ferrell was sure to make you chuckle being the funny man that he is. I’m sure he has inspired so many people to open up, be hilarious, and live life with no worries. I think he has added a whole new personality to America and everywhere else with his comedy.

WillDistinguished, comical, famousSon of Lee, husband of VivecaHilarious yet kind, a celebrity friendTravels to countries, sporty and creativeFearless and courageous, the poparazzi stormWho starred in movies and TV comediesWho wanrs to be, or is the funniest man aliveBorn in California, always in CaliforniaFerrell

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Will Ferrell



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