Kobe Bean Bryant

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Kobe Bean Bryant

This picture was taken in 2009 where Kobe Bryant in the Lakers won their 4th NBA title against the orlando majic.

The greatest player ever

Kobe Bean Bryant

In 1997 at age 18 Bryant became the youngest player ever to start in a NBA game. in 1998 Kobe Bryant started his first NBA all star game. Kobe went on to win the most valuable player in 2008 during the regular season MVP in 2009, 2010 NBA finals also won MVP in 2002,2007 and 2009 all star game. During the regular season Kobe scored 25,790 points averaging 25.3 points. Play-off scoring 5,052 Kobe averaged 25.5 points.

Kobe Bryant is a U.S basketball player who plays the shooting guard postion for the Los Angeles Lakers..He helped the Lakers win three consecutive NBA championships in 2000-02 and a further two in 2009-10. In January 2006 he scorede the second-most points ever in a NBA game when he scored 81 points against the Dallas Mavericks..

5 Championships

In 2010 the Lakers won there 5th title against the boston celtics. Kobe and the lakers were able to pull off the win in game 7.


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