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Habitat - 7 first years of there life in mothers pouch-eucalyptus forest-Souther and northern areas of Astralia-tropical dry places- some zoos

Intresting Facts-koala are related to kangaroos- A koala bear is the size of a jelly bean when it is first born-4/5 of the original koala habatat is gone- Koalas are only pregnet for 35 days-A koala bear sleeps more then 18 hours a day-Koala bears smell like chough drops- to mark its taratorie it rubbes its belly agentsed a tree or wherever-koala bears are NOT related to bears-12 kinds are all ready extinked

Diet-first six years pap(made by mother)-second six months milk and everyday leaves-milk from mothers-adults eat eucalyptus leaves

Physical Characteristics-souther wight is 20-30 pounds-Northern wight is 13 -16 pounds-no ears when it is born

why are koalas endangered?-people hunt them but now there is a law-cars and dogs kill them-cut down eucalyptus trees and forests-a desies in some leaves that can causeblindness

How Can We Help Koalas?-Donate money to the Astrailia international conservation organization to help get rid of the chlamydia disiese that is very comimn to koalas everywhere

Komplete Koalas By: McKenna Florczyk

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