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Koalas are endangered. When their joeys are born, they're as big as a jelly bean. They are 60-85cm. or 2-3ft. Northern koalas weigh 4-5kg (9-19lb.). Southern koalas weigh 13-17kg(15-29lb.) Koalas noses are large, and are colored black or pink.


Amelia Alvis

Koalas don't like going on the ground because they can be attacked by pretators such as dogs, foxes, dingoes, and they are at the risk of injury or death by cars.

I chose this topic because I thought ''what cute fluffy creatures'', but then I thought well there are a lot of things I want to know about them. Before I began my research I knew they ate eucalyptus leaves, they have pouches, they usually don't come down from trees, they only live in Austrailia, their babies are called joeys, and they are different sizes. I enjoy learning about koalas because at the beginning when I started, I knew very little things about koalas, but then I learned about why they do these crazy things like hug trees and I realized that I was entertained and I enjoyed it.

Koalas only eat eucalyptus leaves because they are very picky eaters but since they're 600 types of eucalyptus leaves, they pick their favorites and eat those. Koalas are silent, shy creatures, but they are known to make loud calls during the mating season.


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