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Facts- Kolas are related to kangaroos.- They have a 20 year life span- They are mamals.- The leaves they eat are toxic to other animals.- They can sleep in trees for 20 hours at a time.- Joeys spend 6 months in there mothers pouch and then 6 months on her back.- They weigh 15 to 29 lbs.

One adaptation of a koala is their nails and pads of thier paws provide traction for climbing. The thick fur on their spine provides cushion for sleeping in trees. Another physical adaptation is they use there sence of smell to find the best leaves. Some behavioral adaptations are, koalas need to sleep 20 hours a day because they need to conserve energy. They live in southern australia because they need the climate and the trees that live there for food.

When they are first born they are hairless, blind, and have undeveloped ears. They stay in their mothers pouch for 6 months. After that the mother creates a special substance called pap. They need the pap to digest eucalyptus leaves. After that they stay with their mother 6 more months and stay in the pouch and when it gets to big it will ride on their mothers back. At one years old he or she will leave their mother and live on their own.


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