[2015] eleanor kaufman-Sites (Silverman): Koalas

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[2015] eleanor kaufman-Sites (Silverman): Koalas


Queensland koalas are only found in North Eastern Australia. They live high in Eucalyptus trees. Koalas are often found in grasslands, Eucalyptus woodlands, and forests. Eucalyptus trees provide food, home, and shelter for koalas. On hot days, koalas usually pick to sit under the trees for shade. They are always alone and like it that way. Sadly koalas are losing their habitats from growing cities. Luckily, they are taken to sanctuaries if found on the streets. Sanctuaries are places where wild animals can be taken care of.


Koalas grow to about 2 feet and weigh from 10-30 pounds. Queensland koalas are the smallest type of the 3 species of koalas. Like us, koalas have 5 toes but unlike us, they have claws on all of them except the first. Koalas growl, grunt, groan, and whine. Out of koalas 30 teeth the two front are the sharpest so that they can grab the leaves. Koalas have very long claws so that they can climb. Koalas are marsupials. ( mar-sup-e-als ) Marsupials are animals that have a pouch for their babies.

Physical characteristics

Koalas adapt to their habitat because they blend in with the Eucalyptus trees. They can also shed their fur when its a warmer climate. They can climb very high for very good Eucalyptus leaves. They have another thumb because in order to hold on while climbing they need another thumb. Luckily, when its raining koalas don't get cold because of their thick wool. Koalas have very good smell, so if there is a predator, koalas can sense its presence.


Koalas are consumers because they don't make their own food and the're not bacteria or fungi, Koalas are obviously herbivores because they only eat Eucalyptus leaves. Koalas only eat 50 of 600 Eucalyptus leaves. They are very picky eaters.


Koalas babies are called joeys. When a joey is born, it only eats milk from its mothers pouch. Then after a while, the joey starts to eat partially digested food called pap. Koalas only have one baby. When they are about 1 year old the mom starts to teach them which Eucalyptus leaves are good. Then, they teach them how to climb.

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Koalas have many predators. Eagles are very commen predators because they can swoop down and pick up the koala. There are also dingos which are similar to dogs, foxes, feral cats, pythons, and some powerful owls. Sadly, humans also hunt koalas. They are good swimmers if an emergency.


Koalas mostly do not have jobs, but they do have some. They are the ones who eat the Eucalyptus leaves. If they went extinct, their predators wouldn't have any food. Also they attract tourists in Australia!

Koalas are very interesting. Once again they have two thumbs! They can sleep and eat at the same time! They can climb to 150 feet! Also they are incredibly cute!

Interesting Facts



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