[2015] sophie taylor (Cortez): Koala Bears

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[2015] sophie taylor (Cortez): Koala Bears

Koala Bears

DietThe koala's diet is mostly on the eucalptus leaves. They supply most of the koala's needs. For instance they don't drink much because there is water in the leaves. Since koalas are heribvores and they don't have to hunt if there not eating there basically sleeping.

HabitatA koala's habitat can be found in the forests of Australia.They love to stay on the high branches of the eucalptus trees.They go up high to stay away from predators on the ground.

PredatorsThe koala has an average amount of predators but most of them are ground animals. For example the fox, dingo, and some ferel cats are ground predators but eagles always want baby koalas for lunch. There is also some competion betweeen the koala and the ringtailed possum who also eats the eucalptus leaves. So they have to share them, which they are not happy about.

BehaviorKoalas may look like fluffy teddy bears but there actually very fierce. Koalas love to stay in the eucalptus trees, staying away from ground predators. Most of the time their either eating or sleeping. In fact koalas can eat while there sleeping.


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