Known Uraba

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Known Uraba

dance and art crafts

Fair banana

is divided into several municipalities that are:ArboletesSan Juan de UrabáSan Pedro de UrabáNecoclíApartadóCarepaChigorodóTurboMutatáMurindóVigía del FuerteAcandíCarmen del DariénRiosucioUnguíaCapurganá

Uraba is the coastal region of Antioquia, on the Caribbean Sea, a region full of exotic landscapes and cultural diversity. It is the banana region and most important country banana and tropical fruit pantry that several international markets. A subregion paisa combining cultures and costeña.Tourism in the area revolves around the plantain and banana agro-tourism.Blacks, whites, Indians, mulattos, mestizos and mulattos populate this subregion.

¡Known Uraba!

crops and fishing

uraba map

raw material uraba

fairs and festivals°Fair banana°Regional Festival of Cumbia°Fair Agroindustrial and ExpoZebu Urabá°Fiestas del Río°Fiestas del Coco°The Enchanted Gold Totumo°Summer Carnival°Youth Week°National Festival of Bullerengue°National Accordion Festival


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