Knights Templar

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Knights Templar

How was it started?*Around 1118, Hugues de Payens founded a military order, calling it the Poor Knights of the Temple of King Solomon *they pledged to protect Christian visitors to the city*wanted to defend the Catholic faith *wanted to protect the pilgrims trying to visit the Holy Land who were being killed while crossing through territory controlled by Muslims*also believed the Holy Land was rightfully theirs, like so many others

Project By: Kelly Gottschalk

Knights Templar

Who started the Knights Templar?

*Godfrey of Bouillon

When Started: *existed for nearly two centuries during the middle ages*started in about 1118*shortly after the first crusade

Basic Beliefs-*were forbidden to be involved with women*while staying in the Holy Land, they were exposed to eastern religion, philosophy, and knowledge*there are many different ideas of what their religious nature was and how they practiced their religious beliefs

Members Then: *effectively armed monk-like knights*were granted certain legal privelages and whose status was backed by the church *goal was to protect the Christian pilgrims and help them cross to the Holy Land safelyNow: *different beliefs on the Knights Templar's existence; some historians agree they came to an end 700 years ago- some believe the order went underground and still exists today *members today seek enthusiastic, active members who will promote The Order and help in its charitable efforts*they are dedicated to helping people and donating money to worthy charitites *have to complete a period of 2 years as an Associate ( a period of time to allow a person to prepare themselves and show the Inner Court that they are advanced and ready to be a Knight Templar) to then become an official member *must have an invited membership that is based on either application or recommendation

*Hugues de Payens

Impact on Society Today*the Knights Templar continue to strive for their goal- to dedicate their time and effort into assisting worthy charities*they teach us that living is much more than about money and materials, but about helping one another, especially to those who are less fortunate than us


Weapons and Armour

Templar Geocoin

Backside of coin: traditional seal of the knights templar with two knights riding a single mount

Front side of coin: has the cross shield of the crusaders; is engraved in latin


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