Knighthood and Chivalric Code

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Knighthood and Chivalric Code

KnighthoodThe knight was a very important member of medieval society. It was a long and difficult process beginning at age 7 where they entered as a page into the service of a lord. When they turned 14 they became a squire. During this stage they learned many strengths along with handling weapons. After 7 years of training they were inducted into knighthood. The knights often participated in tournaments to show their skills and bravery. The whole purpose of the knight was to show loyalty to their lords and to protect all women.

Chivalric CodeThe purpose of the Chivalric Code was for knights to be loyal servants to their lord or lady and show great virtues of bravery, courage, courtesy, honesty, faith, and gentleness. The word chivalry comes from the French word horse, cheval, which reflects the knights reliance on the horse in battle because heavy armor made movement on the ground very difficult.

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Knighthood and Chivalric Code


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