Klinefelter Syndrome

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Klinefelter Syndrome

There are support groups. Also talking with a doctor on how to deal with this disease will help. Things like an appropriate diet and exercise will help prevent problems later in life.

Summary of Klinefelter Syndrome

Klinefelter Syndrome is a common genetic disease exclusive to males. Klinefelter Syndrome can only be caused when there is a presence of another X chromosome, leading to the arrangement of XXY instead of the normal XY arrangement. This can lead to male infertility, height differences, and diseases that are common in females to occur in Klinefelter victims with the same probability.


This disease appears in about one in 500 males. Every year, 500 - 20,000 are born with this disease in the US alone.

This disease can be diagnosed with a karyotype, which is a picture of all your cells, or before you are born, which is when the doctor looks at the cells in the amniotic fluid and looks for irregularities.




Summary of Klinefelter Syndrome

Karyotype with klinefelter syndrome

Some other types of Klinefelter Syndrome include three, or even four, X chromosomes with one Y chromosome. The only difference is that the symptoms are more pronounced. Another type of klinefelter syndrome is when only some cells have another X chromosome. This "Mosaic" form of Klinefelter Syndrome occurs when an error in mitosis, causing an extra X chromosome to appear in one of the new cells, during fetal development. This appears in 10% of cases

Other forms

Other forms

Increased breast size, infertility, learning difficulties, and delayed puberty are some out of many symptoms that you can look for

What to look for

An X egg with a XY sperm and an XX egg with a Y sperm can both cause Klinefelter Syndrome

Treatment is to give the body testosterone through injection, buccal, through the skin, or (if mosaic is present) to the affected areas.


Cope and Support

Phychological and motor skills and effects on those with Klinefelter Syndrome Fertility preservation in those with Klinefelter Syndrome

Research on this disease

Patients don't generally have many physical changes unlike several other diseases. This can make it hard to tell if a person has this disease

These people are anonymous

Some Patients

What is it?

Overview video about this disease


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