Klein, Bogie, Cooper, Parsons, Choctaw

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Klein, Bogie, Cooper, Parsons, Choctaw

The Choctaw Indian Tribe are a North American tribe, in the Muskhogean language family. The tribe originated in what is now southeastern Mississippi.(2,Britanica)

In 1820, the Choctaw agreed to cede 13 million acres of land in exchange for land in what is now Arkansas, this was all part of the Treaty of Doaks stand.

Agriculture and Economy:In the latter half of the eighteenth century the Choctaw were among the most accomplished farmers in the Southeast, but this was only an intensification of the basic Southeastern pattern of maize, beans, and squash cultivation supplemented by hunting, fishing, and collecting. The arrival of Europeans brought additional vegetables, cattle, horses, and cotton. During the eighteenth century the trade in deer skins resulted in first an expansion of hunting and then an increase in agriculture and cattle as the deer population declined. Trade:The Choctaw participated in the complex of aboriginal trade linking the shell of the coastal areas with stone and related products of the interior. Political Orginization:The Choctaw's political orginization was run by the Cheif. Each Chief traditionally was aided in decision making by a Speaker, a War Chief, and several of the local village chiefs.

The Choctaw Indians

The Choctaw moved from thier homeland to two important points in Mississippi. Not knowing that they were preparing for a farry ride. The farry was going up the Mississippi river to Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

The Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek called for the removal of all Choctaw from their remaining ancetrial lands to reservations in what was to eventually become Oklahoma in 1833, though each individual has the option of excepting a percel of land and remaining in Mississippi. However the price of doing this was the loss of Choctaw identity and the acceptence of U.S and Mississippi citzenship."Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma." Removal. N.p., n.d Web. 28 Jan. 2014.

One of the most importent of the Choctaw Indains is,Pushmataha. He was the Chief of the tribe when they signed the Mount Dexter Treaty in 1805.(2,Britanica)

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October 31st the Choctaw were given 2 weeks to gather supplies and sell their land and horses. For the long journey ahead of them.



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