kkk revival

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kkk revival

Why did the KKK take over the colored people? They did the terrible things to the colered because they diddnt want to let go of racism.Also, because they were made to think that way ever since the KKK started. The revival is about them starting up again to attack the KKK.

KKK Revival

What made the white people think racism was the best idea? Because They were forced to think that way by the people who started the KKK. The KKK token over the white peoples believes.

Who started the KKK?The KKK was started by a large group of men. John B. Kennedy, John C. Lester, Richard R. Reed, and James R. Crowe where some of the people who started the KKK. They started the KKK beacuse they wanted revenge on the colred poeple.


The KKK caused a big up-roar in 1920'sbecause racism was a huge disruption to colored people. Therefore, made theKKK much more owerful in the 1920's, The colored people tried to stop the KKK, only have failed. This is intrasting because of the diffrent ways that the colored people try to stop the kkk in many diffrent ways. Therefore, the colored did tru to help themselves in many ways. Another evidence is that all the white people did many ways to torture the colored people, No one knew how to stop the KKK and the KKK stuck around for many years. The KKK wanted racism to be around for many generations, but failed



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