Kitty Picky Invention Convention

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Kitty Picky Invention Convention

Kitty Picky




Photo and Diagram

Cradle to Grave Map

Cradle to Grave Lifecycle

1)Many people who have cats may a have cat litter scooper problem, for example, the scooper may not be able to pick up all the feces, and people may have the fear of touching or dropping the feces. With the help of this homemade invention all of the issues involved in cat litter scoopers will disappear. 2)It reduces the ecological footprint by reusing a Clorox bleech bottle.

The scooper works by cutting the clorox bleach bottle at an angle creating a shovel looking object. The person cleaning the litter box will use the handle to hold the scooper and will pick up the animal feces with the scooper. The person holding the scooper will deliver the feces to the disposal area.

How does it work?

Clorox is manufatured in Oakland, California and distrupted to local super markets. There are 1,977 miles from Oakland and Louisville and 2,310 miles by car.


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