Kite Running/Fighting in Afganistan

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Kite Running/Fighting in Afganistan

The string that is attached to the kites is called "manja" and is coated with powdered glass to sever the opponents string.

This sport is called "Gudiparan Bazi"

This is an example of what a fighter kite might look like

Kite Running/Fighting is more than just a pastime in Afghanistan. This is a natural obsession. Kite Fighting is when two or more kites battle in the air and the one who severs the others kite string wins. Once the kite is detached from the string, the kite then could fly away in the wind. Once the kite takes off in the wind, so do the kite runners. Kite runners are the ones who chase after the kite once it has been severed from the string. They could have to run anywhere from a block to 3 miles or more. Why is this fun? It's fun because where the kite will land is a mystery. It could land on tree tops, building tops, or where ever else possible. Very popular in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Kite Running/Kite Fighting in Afghanistan

By:Aaron Stecher

Kite running may not seem so dangerous, but many people have died while kite running. They could run into oncoming traffic, get hit by a train, or even fall of of tree tops or buildings.

Whoever catches or finds the losers kite gets to keep it. That is one thing that makes people want to be a kite runner.


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