Kite Runner

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Kite Runner

Kite:The kite symbolzes betrayal. Amir betrayed Hassan the day they won this kite by leaving him in the alley with Assef

Symbol #1

Author: Khaled Hosseini

"Amir Jan, Guilt leads to Good."

Name: Nicole Coker Date: May 23, 2014

The Slingshot:The slingshot symblolizes bravery. Hassan's bravery shown through when he stood up for Amir and threatened Assef with his slingshot.

Symbol #3

The Pomegranate Tree:The pomegranate tree symoblizes friendship. It symbolizes friendship by Hassan and Amir carved their names in the tree representing their friendship with each other.

Symbol #2

Title: The Kite Runner


Major Turning Point


One major character in the book is Hassan. This character went through few changes throughout the story. Hassan was very loyal, reliable, trustworthy, and all-around wonderful person. He loved Amir with all his being and would sacrifice anything for him. He stood up for Amir in several different situtations. For example, when Assef was bullying Amir, Hassan pulled out his slingshot and defended him. Even though he knew Amir wouldn't do the same for him, he continued to stay loyal. Hassan was the best friend that anyone could ever ask for even though he was treated so terrible. Even as a man, Amir learned that Hassan still stood his ground, just as he did as a kid, and that unfortuately lead to his death.

A major turning point in this book is when Amir found out he and Hassan were bothers. All those years Amir had noticed the way Baba treated Hassan and now it finally made sense. Amir remembered the way Baba never missed Hassan's birthday, and the way Baba showed him so much love and affection. Also Amir finally understood why Baba had cried when Hassan and Ali left his home. Amir felt the guilt more heavily now because he was the reason Hassan was no longer in his life. He began to wonder that if he hadn't been the reason Ali and Hassan left, maybe both of them would still be alive and living in American with him. The friendship present between Amir and Hassan was not only friendly, but brotherly. Ulitmately, Amir felt that his life had always been a lie.

One major theme in this book is betrayal and redemption. After all the years of treating Hassan like he was unworthy of anything, Amir knew he had to redeem himself from his sins. Hassan had given his all for Amir since he was a kid all the way into adulthood. Nothing could ever harm Amir because of Hassan's love and loyalty. Amir betrayed Hassan in his greatest time of need, even though Hassan endured consequences, he still upheld his promise and gave the kite Amir won to him. While living in America, Amir recieved a call from Rahim Khan. Khan believed that "true redemption is when guilt leads to good" (302). Knowing he was guilty, and in order to make up for his betrayal, Amir traveled back into Kabul after all those years to retrieve Hassan's son, Sorhab. Amir decided to try to give him a better life, unlike the one that Amir had made for his father.



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