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kirsten- Joan Miro

The History of Joan Miro

The artist, Joan Miro, was born on April 20, 1893. Most of his works were sculptures, paintings, and he also worked as a ceramist. Since he was born in the sea port city of Barcelona, alot of his work was inspired by the beautiful seaside town, and the amazing style that he found around that area. Unfortunetly, Miro's final breath was on December 25, 1983.

This painting was called, "Prades the Villiage," created in 1917. This was another painting of Miro that was inspired by a villiage he visited through his trips. this painting is the first example of Miró’s Surrealist vision.

This structure is an artwork created by Joan Miro. The structure is actually called "Chicago." The steel, bronze, concrete, and tile sculpture stands 39 feet tall.

Joan Miro

"The tilled mill" was one of Miro's most important paintings. Miro painted this in 1923. This colrful and shape-filled painting was inspired by his own homeland.


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