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Cynthia Kadohata

Lymphoma strikes on the family

Kira-Kira won the Newbery Award in 2005

Cynthia Kadohata was born in Chicago, Illinois

This book is about a Japanese family living in the 1950's in Iowa. Katie Takeshima is the youngest, Lynn is her older sister, and their two parents. Everything is great until the family has to move to Georgia. Then, their baby brother, Sam, is born. To add to the drama, Lynn becomes very sick and not everyone is sure what will happen to her.

I loved this book because it had a lot of cool twists hidden when when you least expect it. This book was like trying to figure out an answer to a problem. It was a very good book also because at some spots it is very funny.

"....beautiful blue sky...." pg. 1

KatieWho is a sister to LynnWho loves her familyWho feels like Lynn may not liveWho needs her family to help her with lifeWho fears Lynn will dieWho would like to see everything back to the way it ws in Iowa

Historical fiction

This book is sort of educational beacause it teaches you a lot of lessons such as you may not get everything that you want, but you can still have a great life. This changed my opinion because I used to think that if you were poor, you wouldn't generally have a good life. This book obvoiusly contradicts my thought and changed it too.

We are now the parents of three, Katie, lynn, and little Sam. We are becoming very frustrated with our kids. Lynn is very sick and we are thinking she is going to die. Katie is getting very bad grades in school, and Sam doesn't even know what is going on. We are very pressed at work, and we feel like the family is falling apart. We wish the kids weren't so difficult to deal with!



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