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Kip Thorne

Kip Thorne researched many different topics. Such as gravatational waves , black holes , worm holes and time travel.He made a discoveries in gravataion and astrophysics.During this time the first untethered space walk occured which influenced him to study gravatational waves.


June , 1 , 1940Age - 73Born in Logan,Utah

Thorne has been elected to::The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, (1972):The National Academy of Sciences,:The Russian Academy of Sciences, andthe American Philosophical Society.He has been recognized by numerous awards including::The American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award in Physics and Astronomy,:The Phi Beta Kappa Science Writing Award,:The American Physical Society's Lilienfeld Prize,the German Astronomical Society's Karl Schwarzschild Medal,:The Robinson Prize in Cosmology from the University of Newcastle, England,:The Albert Einstein Medal in 2009 from the Albert Einstein Society, Bern, Switzerland,:The Sigma Xi: The Scientific Research Society's Common Wealth Awards for Science and Invention, and:The California Science Center's California Scientist of the Year Award (2003).


Kip Thorne was known for studying Gravatational waves and Blackholes.Kip Thorne contributed to the theoretical understanding of black holes and gravitational radiation


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