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The Kinkajou

The Kinkajou is a mammal and an omnivore. The scientific name is potos flavus. These amazing creatures are part of the Procyonidae family which is related to racoons.

DESCRIPTIONThe kinkajou's woolly fur consists of an outer coat of brownish-grey overlapping a gray undercoat. It has large eyes and small ears. It also has short legs with five toes on each foot and sharp claws. Their sharp claws allow them to climb trees and move around easily .

HABITATThese amazing creatures range from south america and central america. They are found in tropical rainforests, lowland rainforest, montane forest and dry forests.Kinkajous live in the understory where all the bushes and small trees grow.

DIETKinkajous are omnivores and particularly love figs. Kinkajous love every fruit and they sometimes eat insects and birds eggs.

ConclusionThese mammals are hunted for their fur to make wallets and horse saddles, however they are not an endangered speices.

BehaviourKinkajous are nocturnal so they start appearing at around 7:00pm until midnight. They are mostly gentle and friendly creatures unless they are in fights with another kinkajou.


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