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Kingsley Chu

My relationship with God in my Grade 12 year has significantly improved compared to the past years. Most days I exhibit a strong and reinforced relationship with God, despite the hardships and endeavors in my spiritual life. However, I will still experience obstacles in my spiritual life which may distract me from building a strong relationship with God. Compared to my previous years, I would say that my relationship with God has significantly improved overall. As off two years ago, I was still discovering and pondering upon having a relationship with God, and I was not fully engaged in my faith. Juxtaposing my current relationship status to my past relationship status has yielded major changes mostly due to increased experience with morality as well as the introduction of Church and Culture course. I am more aware of the repercussions of every ethical decision being made by me, as well as how my personal moral choices will impact me to achieve the Good, which was lacking in my previous years. One of the greatest influences in the development of my relationship with God and my vocation is the current Pope of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis. The Pope’s humanitarian efforts and his humble attitude has significantly resounded with my faith as well as my views on the Catholic Religion. Pope Francis’s latest actions include cracking down on sexual abuse within the church, stating that gays should not be marginalized, women must be valued, not clericalized, and he states that there is no conflict between science and faith. The Pope also resides in the guesthouse instead of the papal apartments, uses silver instead of gold for his piscatory ring, refuses luxurious papal clothing, and retains his old pectoral cross. His humanitarian acts as well as his humble yet virtuous acts have inspired me to follow suit; to live a life of humility and compassion with a strong relationship with God.

Promote the Common GoodWork As Service to God

Jeremiah 29:11 - For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. God has planned out my vocation for me, which include me living a moral and faithful life as an engineer. The future yields great promises, and I will fulfill my vocation according to Catholic teachings and sacred scriptures.

ExpectaionsDemonstrates an understanding of the Catholic Church’s response to contemporary culture as found in the social teachings of the ChurchExamine the meaning and value of human freedom and commitment, values and conscience and personal and social responsibility in light of the catholic faith tradition

Kingsley Chu


Promote the common good – As an engineer, I am constantly fulfilling my vocation as a man of science as well as a man of faith. I will use my skills to promote the Common Good in my field of work. This includes doing humanitarian aid as an engineer without borders, tending to the basic needs of the poor and oppressed. This can assist me in achieving the Good as I respect one another’s’ God given human dignity. I can use my vocational skills to improve and enrich the quality of people’s everyday lives. I can live out the corporal works of mercy by fulfilling my commitment and responsibilities.Having a relationship with God can give me a new hope or deeper understanding of my own vocation because when I am engaged in an intimate relationship with God, I can understand the fundamentals of living a moral life which leads me to pursue the Good. Being in a relationship with God allows me to realize the sacredness of human dignity, and the motivation to do Good helps me understand my vocation

Exploring my Vocation

The dignity of the human person – Since Human dignity is sacred and is meant to be respected, correctly fulfilling my vocation does not involve trampling upon another’s dignity. I will ensure the safety of all human beings in my future mechanical projects, and will avoid immoral decisions such as cutting cost with safety rules and regulations. The violation of my code of conduct will lead to the endangerment of the human dignity of the other. Justice will be incorporated into my Vocation when I protect human dignity by not using cheap materials and following the safety rules and regulations

Human Dignity


Sept 05, 2011 - Entered St. RobsSept 01, 2014- Began MoralityJune, 2015 - Graduation to Vocation

Scripture and Catholic Teaching encourages and comforts me as I begin to discern my vocation by informing me when I am oblivious, motivating me when I am discouraged, and supporting me when I am weak. Catholic Teaching such as Dei Verbum can encourage me with inspiration and interpretation of the sacred Scripture and the Gospel Accounts. The Morality Church and Culture course has informed me with many moral and ethical issues as well as Catholic teachings. Examples of these insightful teachings include Humanae Vitae, Catholic Eschatology, free will, and sexuality. These topics have covered a wide spectrum of moral and ethical issues, which is directly related to my moral life. Such teachings relate to contemporary issues such as Marriage in Famliliaris Consortio or birth control in Humanae Vitae. Following the Morality course requirements will not only get me the grades, but will also assist me in achieving an ethical life in pursuit of the Good.In post-secondary I plan to pursue a career that complies with my vocation as well as my faith. This way I can achieve my dream and passion as a man of science, but also of faith. I plan to pursue a career in the field of engineering, but I will always retain my knowledge of moral and ethical issues, so I am always aware of how I will achieve the Good throughout my life.

A small Toyota rolls slowly into the auto shop, not knowing its destination or path, but is set upon a journey. This automobile is then retrofitted with a V8 engine, an awesome body kit, and most importantly, a GPS system outlining its course throughout life. All of this was done by the amazingly skilled master car designer of the auto shop, Mr. Hasiuk. The small Toyota is no longer a vagabond, but a reformed beast with a new purpose, who sets out to attain the Good through moral and ethical practices.

Relationship with God

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