Kings Park, NY

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Kings Park, NY

AboutKings Park is located in Suffolk County in Long Island, 39 miles east of Manhattan.It is once home to the famous Kings Park Psychiatric Center built in 1885.Water activities are popular in the area due its close proximity to the Long Island sound.(CityTown, 2015)

Obesity is a priority problem in the Kings Park and Suffolk County.17.6 % of preschool children, 29.1% of elementary students, and 35.5% of middle school kids were overweight in 2011Adult obesity increased by 60% in 2008.(Suffolk County Department of Health Services, 2014)


DemographicsPopulation:17,282Religion: 58.9% Catholic, Median Household Income: $92,580Diversity: 90.2% White, 5.3% Hispanic, 2.3% Asian, 1.1% blackEducation: 94.3% has Highschool education, 39.1% with Bachelor's degree or higher, 16.5% with graduate degreeUnemployment rate: 5%Poverty rate:5.5%(City-Data, 2015)

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Health IssuesObesityDiabetesHypertensionMental Health IssuesSubstance Abuse(St. Catherine's of Siena Medical Center,2014)

Resources:1) Local Community Health Centers2) Community-based Primary Care Physicians3) LocalHospitals4) Long Island Health Collaborative(Suffolk County Department of Health Services, 2014)

The Impact of Obesity

Plan of Action1) Community Outreach to promote education on healthy lifestyle options through community health fairs, library seminars2) Partner with schools to educate children on the importance of eating a healthy diet and participating in physical activities4) Partner with Kings Park Schools' PTA to sponsor after school activities - dance, gymnastics, sports3) Organize Community Walks with local groups

Vulnerable Population:Low Income/Low EducationGroup



1) Nutrition - WIC, lactation programs, food banks2) Health - vaccination programs, STD screening and education, well child exams, health screenings, prenatal care program3)Medicaid programs - health, dental, vision coverage(Suffolk County Department of Health Services, 2014)

Vulnerable Group Programs


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