[2014] Antonia (Ancient Egypt): King Tut's Treasury Room

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[2014] Antonia (Ancient Egypt): King Tut's Treasury Room

King Tut Artifacts

King Tut's Tomb

King Tut's tomb was one of the most magnificent of all, especially the treasury room. Some of the unique artifacts were shrines, chests, boats, and even one of King Tut's stillborn daughters. In King Tut's tomb there was a carved wooden shrine gilded in gold that contained four janopic jars of Tutankhamen. The wooden shrine had four goddesses on each side to ward off evil. Each jar contained a tiny coffinette that held organs, and were placed in the shrine. Many small statues of King Tut were placed in his tomb. The statues were carved in wood, and gilded in gold. It was believed that the statues were used in the ceremony upon the death of Tutankhamen, or used for protection.

Fourteen small boats were also found in his tomb. The boats acted like shabti (funerary figurine,) and were evoked by magic for the pharaoh to use in the afterlife, and everyday proceedings thereafter. Some boats were intended to float the pharaoh through the twelve hours of night and darkness before the sun rose again. All of the fourteen boats pointed to the west.

Gold Shrine

There were many chests in King Tut's tomb. One chest was elaborately decorated, and was made of wood. The original overlaid had carvings and paintings of ivory. Tutankhamen and his queen are shown among flowers on the lid, with scenes of royal couples and animals on the side. King Tut's tomb had more than 3,000 artifact, some pure gold, others were hand carved and painted. Even though the people of Egypt were surprised, and had such short notice of Tutankhamen death, the tomb is truly magnificent.

Treasury Room

Pharoah Head


Decorated Chest

God and Goddesses

King Tut's Treasury Room

By Antonia Billante


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