King Tut's Tomb

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King Tut's Tomb

JelwerySome jewelry was also found with King Tut. Much jewlery was still left after some thieves got a hold of the castkets.

Anubis Buried with King Tut lies a Anubis, the god of the jackle. The Anubis figure was carved out of wood.

King Tut's Tomb-Maddy Jakes

Canopic Shrinebehind Anubis was the Canopic Shrine. Inside it was King Tut's enbalmed organs.

FigurinesThe room also contained many wooden boxes. On the boxes were shawabti figures.

22 Wooden ShrinesBehind the Canopic Shrines, 22 wooden shrines lie. The shrines were of the Egyptian's gods.

Wooden ChairThe chair has carvings of ivory and wood, lined with gold.

Gold TombThe inner coffin is made from 22 carat beaten gold. The coffin contained the mummy wearing a mask and covered in jewels and amulets.

Cougar JarThe jar is made of albaster. Probably made to hold ointments or sacred oils.


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