King Tutankhamun

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King Tutankhamun

When and where was Tutankhamun born?Tutankhamun was probably born at Akhetaten which was the capital city of Egypt. He was born in about the year 1346 BC.At what age did Tutankhamun become a Pharaoh?He became pharaoh at the tender age of nine in 1337 BC and reigned during the 18th Dynasty when the Egyptian Empire was at its height. He reigned from about 1337 to 1328 BC. His tomb was discovered by a team of British archaeologists in 1922, nearly 3000 years after his death.

Lasting Impact

The reason that Tutankhamun is so well known today is that his tomb, containing fabulous treasures, was found early this century (1922) by British archaeologists Howard Carter and Lord Carnavon.

King Tutankhamun


Picture of the discovery of the tomb.

Tomb discovery 1922

Tutankhamun and treaures

Mummy of Tutankhamun discovered in 1922

Details on Tutankhamun


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