King Tutankhamun

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King Tutankhamun

This thirty inch chairis belived to be used by Tutankhamun's children.

This chest was used by Tutankhamunwas used to store clothing

This small chest had pieces of broken jewels and was speculated to be a jewlery drawer.

This golden throne was foundin the antichamber below the burial tomb. Archaeologists believe it was used by Tut to show his power to servents, wives, and even his children.

King Tutankhamun's Lost TreasuresBy:Alec Johnson

This anki shaped caseoriginally contained a mirror that had been removed when discovered.

When discovered, no one knew how this artifact was used until they found it fit as decoration on the end of a bed.

This famous mask was placed on Tutankhamun's mummy when buried and is made of pure gold with gem stone accents. You can see a close up of the mask as the background forof this page


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