King Tutankhamun

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King Tutankhamun

His Life Span:1341 - 1323 BC He died at the age of either 18 or 19 "Boy King"

King Tutankhamun

Burial And Tomb: Howard Carter4 huge rooms everything he ownedSarcophagus - 3 coffins lots of gold

Name:Ttankhaten "The living image of Aten - sun god"changed

Ancestors:Akhenaten: Fatherpharaoh but not a very good leader, not popular mother: never found but found bust of her Guess: Nefertiti

Pharoh Life:Became a Pharoh at 9 Because of his father's death

Death of a pharaoh There are many guesses as to how King Tut died:-He was murderd in his own home by getting hit in the back of the head with a large rock- He had a virus that spread throughout his body

Carters Discoveries: Found King Tut's body, tomb and tresures 17 years to convert to English beds, games, walking stitcks, weapons, chariots food

King Life:Married - his niece, AnkhesenamunNo KidsReason why famous: Tomb


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