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King Tut

King Tutgmsmedia120

King Tutankhamen (Tut) was born in 1342 B.C. and is the most popular Egyptian pharaoh. There is little known about his early life, except he grew up in the Amarna Court. King Tut married his half sister who also grew up at the court. At the age of eight, he became Pharaoh and ruled for nearly a decade.During King Tut’s marriage, he had two daughters, but they died as infants. The closest father figure or mentor he had was ‘Ay’ since he was King Tut’s main regent.

Early & Family Life


There were many rumors about King Tut's death that span over 3,000 years. It would not be until 1922, that his tomb would be discover by Howard Carter. His autopsy found that King Tut was a teen when he died. Turns out, Carter was a phony since he hid the truth about this finding on King Tut. In 2005, CT scans found Carter’s autopsy left out that he stole multiple body parts of King Tut’s. Yet, one of his broken legs still remained a mystery. Finally in 2009, King Tut’s DNA showed that he had Koelher Disease, which gave him a dead foot. Ultimately malaria is what killed him (you know the deadly disease mosquitoes carry). As stated in How They Croaked, “Malaria, along with broken leg & dead foot, made for a dead king.”

How he Croaked

He moved the royal court to the city of Thebes & made many offerings to the old Egyptian gods, especially Amun (which is he is named after). Historians doubt King Tut took part in any major military battles. The discovery of his tomb is what King Tut is most famous for. His tomb was intact since it was hidden in the Valley of Kings. The tomb had all of treasures that were to be brought with him to the after life.


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