King Tut

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King Tut

King Tut

At the young age of nine, this boy became ruler of Egypt. He was born 1342BC and died 1323BC. He was ruler of Egypt for only 10 short years. There are two known theories as to Tutankhamuns death, scientists believe either from a blow to the back og=f the head, or from an infection in the leg.

About the King


On November 22nd in 1922 a young and ambitious archeologist called Howard Carter found an amazing discovery in the Valley of the Kings, a resting place for gods alike. After chipping away at plaster and stone, Carter finally found a golden door. This was the buriel place of an ancient King! After over 3000 years the tomb had finally been discovered.

Tut's Tomb

Amazing video

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A Tour of the tomb

Tutankhamuns Tomb


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