King Tut Had So Much Gold But Stories Untold

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King Tut Had So Much Gold But Stories Untold

King Tut had so much gold but stories untold.

Human-Headed Winged Cobra

Recumbent Figure of Anubis

The Recumbent Figure of Anubis is a figure of a jackal and represents the god of Anubis. This was used in the funerary procession of King Tut.

The "Pectoral with Solar and Lunar Emblems" has an "Eye of Horus" which was a symbol of the moon. The front legs of a Scarab and the legs of a falcon are represented as the Egyptian symbol for the Sun-God. The pectoral was used to symbolize the moon and the rising sun.

The Human-Headed Winged Cobra was placed on top of King Tut's Mummy and was in the fifth group of amulets on him. This was typically to be put on the head of the dead person.

The Djed Pillar has been known as a combination of the four pillars as Egyptians believed that they were the four corners of the Earth. It was used as a decoration that was placed on King Tut's neck on the day of his funeral.

Djed Pillar

Gold Dagger and Sheath

This Gold Dagger and Sheath were used by Egyptian at 3000 BCE and longer. It was normally made of copper, bronze, or gold. If it was gold it was normally only used by royalty.

The Vulture Pendant was one of King Tut's personal possessions. It has an eye made out of obsidian, lapis lazuli beak and a golden head. This was used by King Tut as a necklace piece he once wore.

Five Gold Rings

These five gold rings are all made of gold and they can be in the form of a single cartouche or a double cartouche. It was used as a decoration on King Tut's fingers or it would be in the layers of the wrapped linen on King Tut.

Vulture Pendant

Triple String Necklace

The Triple String Necklace was used as a decoration placed on the gold mask that covers the head and shoulders of King Tut's mummy. It is called a shebu or a shebyu in Egyptian texts. It was very fashionable as a royal equipment until the end of the Twentieth Dynasty.

Pectoral with Solar and Lunar Emblems


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