King Tut and his Egypt

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King Tut and his Egypt

King Tut and his Egypt

National Geographic Website-Take a virtual tour of King Tut's Tomb!

Museum of Science-Boston Website: Learn about mummification, excavation, and even plan your OWN AFTERLIFE!

Graphic Novel FictionSadie and Carter Kane embark on a dangerous journey across the globe to stop the Egyptian god Set.

Informational BookLearn all about the curse through vivid pictures and stories!

Discovery Channel miniseries about King Tut and the mysteries surrounding his death.

In a time-traveling mishap, Annie ends up in Ancient Egypt. She must rely on Time to help her find Strat and get back to the present.

Tut: The Story of My Immortal Life by P.J. HooverElizabeth HymerLS5623 Advanced Lit for Young Adults

Informational BookSidebars, interesting facts, and closer looks show you the world as it was in Ancient Egypt.

Fiction BookMichael, his sister, and his friend must obtain an ancient magical artifact, the only thing that can save their parents, before it's too late!

"I scanned the horizon, looking for the palace, the capital city, anything. But my Egypt had disappeared, and with it, my future" (p. 30).


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