King Philip's War

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King Philip's War

King Philip's War in New England1675-1676Bloodiest war in America's historyEnded Native American resistance in New England Caused a major change in view toward Native Americans that would last for next 300 years

The PlayersKing Philip's War pitted New England colonists againstWampanoag and Nipmuck Indians. About 3,600 settlers and Indians were slaughtered.

Metacomet, son of MassasoitLeader of the Pokanokets

Colonel Benjamin Church,Puritan Hero of the War

The ResultsWithin a year, twelve towns were destroyed and many more damaged, the economy was ruined, and the region's population lost 1/10 of all men available for military service. More than half of New England's towns were attacked by Native American warriors.The Indian population of southern New England was reduced by about 60 to 80 percent.

CausesBroken bonds between colonists and Indians Decline in trade Destruction of Indian cornfields'Heavy handed' tacticsHumiliation of new peace agreement and surrender of gunsIncreasing number of towns and fortsBetrayal and murder

Metacomet was also called King Philip by the English. He became sachem and leader when his father, Massasoit died. Metacomet did not trust the colonists and resented their intrusion.


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