King Philip II.

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King Philip II.

- Reigned over Spain from 1556 to 1598- Son of Charles V and Isabella of Portugal - Four wifes - Princess Maria of Portugal - cousin - dies in childbirth to Don Carlos - Queen Mary I of England - 11 years older than him - Lied about pregnancy (never gets pregnant) - Cheat on her with sister Elizabeth of Valios - Dies → wants to marry Queen Elizabeth of England (fails) - Princess Elisabeth of Valois - Daughter of Henri II of France - two daughters, Isabella Clara Eugenia (1566–1633) and Catherine Micaela (1567–1597) - Anna of Austria - died of heart failure 8 months after giving birth to her last child. - Philip III -- successor to his father

Greatest Accomplishments

12 May 1527 - Born 1543-1545 -Married to Princess Maria of Portugal (her death)1554-1558 - Married to Queen Mary I of England (her death)1556 - Charles IV abdicated the thrown, Phillip becomes King of Spain. 1557 - Bankrupt for the first time1559-1568 -Married to Elizabeth of Valois (her death)1559 - Construction of El Escorial begins1560 - Bankrupt for the second time 1566 - Revolt of the Spainish Netherlands begins

1)Building the armanda → Tried to over through Elizabeth I of England and attack the protestants 2)Alliance with france→ King Henry → breaksgoes to battle against France alliance with England3)Inquisition 4)El Escorial palace5)" 1588 August 8: The Spanish Armada of 132 ships is defeated by the English fleet of 34 ships and 163 armed merchant vessels under Lord Howard of Effingham, Sir Francis Drake, and Sir John Hawkins ( war between Spain and England continues until 1603 )" 6) " 1590-1598 Philip II becomes involved with a Spanish war against the Huguenots in France"

His Reign

- Ruler by birthright- "He believed that his authority to rule came directly from God." - No checks or balances on his power- Centralized government


King Philip II




El Escorial Palace

1567 - The reform of Moriscan (Muslims that were forced to convert to Christianity) is published 1568 - The Moriscos revolt1569 - Inquisition begins in South America 1570-1580 - Married to Anna of Austria (her death)1576 - Bankrupt for the third time1581 - Phillip becomes king of Portugal after the death of King Henry of Portugal1586 - Decides to invade England1588 August 8 - The Spanish Armada is defeated by the English. 1596 - Bankrupt for the forth time13 Sep 1598 - Dies at El Escorial Palace




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