King Louis

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King Louis

He was known as the sun king, as he wanted his courtiers and the people of France to revolve around him, like the planets revolved around the sun.He was also known for getting into to many wars that put his country in a bad position.


King Louis XIV ruled as king for 72 years, which is the longest a single person has ever ruled.He sent out people to make colonies in the Americas and the Caribbean. Those colonies turned into little towns. A French explorer claimed the land of Louisiana and named it after Louis.

Lasting Impact

Louis pioneered the centralized modern state, and the absolute monarchy he created served as a model for virtually every government in Europe.


King Louis XIV




1643: Louis became king (four years old)1661: King Louis XIV tried to expand France1685: He revoked the Edict of Nantes

Fun Facts :Birth: September 5,1638Death: September 1, 1715After he died scientists found out that Louis' stomach was twice the size of a regular humans.


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