King Louis XIV

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King Louis XIV

Louis XIV became king when he was 5 in the year of 1643. At the age of 23, he took the true responsibilities of the king. He built himself the enormous Palace of Versailles near Paris. After this he tried to take absolute power over France. In 1685 King Louis XIV abolished the Edict of Nantes, which was the freedom of religion for Protestants. In 1715, Louis XIV died with France weakened and in debt. To me it seems that all Louis did were things to increase his power and not to help anyone else.

Important EventsKing Louis XIV takes absolute power over France.

Key Questions1. As a king, Louis XIV prefered an absolute monarchy as a form of government. With this he took absolute power over France. He likes this form of government because it means more power for him. Nobody could tell himwhat to do and he could do whatever he wanted to.2. King Louis XIV did not trust anyone except himself. A sign of this is when he tried to take absolute power over all of France. As King, he wanted to know about everything that was going on in his country. He wanted to have the power to decide France's foreign policy, to control how French money was spent, and to keep his actions secret if he chose to do so. Louis XIV ensured his absolute control over France by weakening the power of the nobles and the French provincial governments.He did not trust them to rule. Instead he employed middle-class merchants and church leaders to run the affairs of the government. King Louis XIV also made it so that all mayors had to be approved by him. As you can see, King Louis did not trust people other than himself.


King Louis XIV got whatever he wanted his entire life. He symbolized the magnificence and wealth of his country, France. He built himself the Palace of Versailles. This palace had polished mirrors, gleaming chandeliers, and gardens with fountains. King Louis XIV took absolute power over France. To do this he made it so that all mayors had to be approved by the King and picked people that were loyal to him to run the government. He also abolished thefreedom of religion for Protestants. King Louis XIV ruled for 60 years, the longest rule ever by a French ruler.

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King Louis XIV


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