King Louis the 14th

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King Louis the 14th

King Louis had many powers as an absolute ruler:Full control over the French government for 54 yearsControlled the military through the centralized systemTried to control the churches but due to his lack of knowledge he often fought with the popes How did he become an absolute ruler?He was born into the family and never doubted his right to leadCentralized the government and military system by no longer having an advisor but leading it by himselfThrough lavish parties to show his wealth but also would have spies around to learn about the personal lives of his people


King Louis XIV did have complete control over the government and his country.Though he had noblemen; “He surrounded himself with some of the greatest artistic and intellectual figures of his time, including the playwright Molière (1622-1673), the painter Charles Le Brun (1619-1690) and the composer Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687).”He, also, appointed himself patron of Académie Française, which is regulates french language and establishes different institutes for arts and sciences.

Most famously, he (King Louis XIV), transformed a royal hunting lodge in Versailles, a village twenty-five miles southwest of the capital, into one of the largest palaces in the world, officially moving his court and government there in 1682.He, also, caused many different wars among his neighboring and trade-connected countries.

King Louis the 14th had a lifestyle which consisted of a daily routine; this daily routine was to continue to Louis XV and Louis XVI. But neither could deal with the oppressive ceremonies, and often changed their days. Morning In the mornings he was awaken at 7:30am. Then washed, breakfasted, and clothed; this ritual was only admitted to be observed by the most important personalities. The number of attendants was estimated to be around a hundred, and all male. At 10am, he would cross the Grand Apartment where people would get to briefly speak to him. He sat in a tribune in the Royal Chapel to attend mass and listened to new works sang by the choir, everyday for about thirty-minutes. At 11am, he would be back at his apartment. There he held a council in his cabinet. Each day of the week was scheduled for different things. At 1pm, he dined alone facing a window in his bedchamber, though sometimes Louis XIV used to receive men of the court, generally those of Levee. Afternoon The king would give orders of what he wanted to do in the afternoon during the morning, he would do the activities announced around 2pm. At 6pm, Louis XIV would allow his son to preside over the indoor entertainments. Meanwhile, he would sign various papers/letters prepared by his secretary.Evening At 10pm, people squeezed into the antechamber with the king to have a Grand Public Supper. The king would sit at the table with his royal family and at the end of the meal, he would withdraw into his cabinet to converse more with his family while the monarch would walk through his bedroom to the salon to salute the ladies of the court. By 11:30 there was the retiring; a public ceremonial when the king went to his bedroom.


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King Louis the XIV of France

Absolute Leadership

How Absolute was his power?

King Louis the XIV

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