King Khufu

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King Khufu

Egypt Historyby Anyi SunDecember 14, 2015

King Khufu's Greek name is Cheops. His full name is Khnum Khufu. It means "Khnum protects me". Khum is the god of water and fertility. Khufu supposedly reigned from 2551 BC to 2528 BC. This was during the period of the Old Kingdom and at the time, he was in the fourth dynasty. Khufu was twenty years old when he became paraoh. He was claimed to have reigned for 23, 50, and even 63 years! During his reign, the sun god Ra was worshipped more and there were no major military threats at his time. Khufu extended the borders of Egypt so he could obtain the Sanai Peninsula. For the Sanai Peninsula, was where they fought military campaigns and looked for turquise or copper mines to increase coffers. Khufu also had Djedi as his court physician, prophet, and magician.

Facts You Should Know

Khufu was said to have been a cruel, cold, and heartless ruler. In fact, his representations were destroyed after his death. He used slaves to build his Pyramid/tomb. The architect for this pyramid was Heminu, Khufu's vizier. This Pyramid demonstrated the wealth and power of the pharaohs. It was built in about 23 years. This stucture was actually based off of his father's who also built a pyramid shaped tomb for himself. It might've been inspired by the the Benben Stone which rests on an obelisk in the Sun Temple of Ra. Khufu is also the mediator with the gods. Which means he settles their disputes.

The Great Pyramid of Giza and other facts

Khufu replaced his father Snefru as the next pharaoh. Then Khufu was later replaced by Djedfre aka Radjedef who supposedly killed Crown Prince Kawab who was originally next in line for the throne. Then, Djedfre was replaced by Kafre who also was believed to have killed Djedfre for the throne. This all wouldn't have happened if there was no nepotism practiced. Nepotism is the practice of favoring relatives by giving better positions in the royal court so they could ensure wealth in the family. Then, this led to rivalries between relatives who vied for the better position. That was probably why Crown Prince Kawab was killed. Queen Hetepheres was Khufu's mother. His wives included Queen Meritates, Henutsen, Neferkau, and one more remains unkown. They were all his sisters because of the practice incest which retained the sacred divine bloodline. Some of Khufu's other unmentioned children included Djedefhor, Baufru, Babaef, Khufukhaef I, Minkhaf, Horbaef, Nefertiabet, Hetepheres II, Meresankh II, Meritites, and Khamerernebty I.

His not-so happy family

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Khufu's Crown!


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