King Johnathan's desk

by Serenityhope17
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Language Arts

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King Johnathan's desk

Your Magesty, I have word that Bahzir have been quite calm along the Great Southern Desert outer rims. It seems your time has been well spent there. I also hear from the one city there that leadership has changed, however, I have yet to be informed who has taken control of the city.

Dear Jon, I know we have had our differences, but I am currently on a quest that might prove quite fruitful. If I should die I don't want you thinking it was because of you. Enjoy that frimpy female and I'll enjoy my adventuring, best of luck. I'll return when I have gotten what I seek. Sincerely,Alanna

Your Magestly, The necklace you have ordered for the lady in question has been finished. It is being polished and will be delivered to her by the end of the day. Goldsmith's Guild


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